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I've been contemplating moving my server to a new provider for a very long time. It's a lot of work and I wasn't sure I wanted to deal with it. After a week of prep work, I finally made the move to There are a number of reasons for this move.

  1. I don't have a business need for this server, so SoftLayer was a bit overkill for my needs.
  2. has been incredibly supportive of the Perl Community, so being a customer there feels right.
  3. Linode's price for the features and service are incredibly convincing.

While I've lost a significant chuck of monthly bandwidth allocation, I wasn't using it anyways. I'm saving over half from what I was paying for my server at SoftLayer. The hardware is much more modern, and despite having less RAM, the server feels snappier than the 5 year old hardware I was on at SoftLayer.

Of course, is a virtual private server. There are ups and downs to this, but for my purposes, it's pretty much just ups. I initially deployed to a Linode512, and realized that it wouldn't quite cut it. I was a little upset that I had not thought of this prior to configuring everything and feared I'd have to start over. I was delighted to find the "Resize" tab on the Linode Dashboard. I selected the Linode768 and within 10 minutes, I had migrated my Linode512 to a Linode768. The process was painless and saved me hours of setup time.

So far I'm very happy with The response to support tickets is amazing. The resources available on their site to customers is great. The tools to work with your VPS are intuitive and comprehensive. The price is very affordable. And, if that wasn't enough, has a long history of supporting Open Source Software, not just through promotion, use, and patching, but financially.

I would recommend

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