Thanks to everyone for their hard work making this year’s event a wonderful success!

Videos are working their way onto youtube, thanks to the fabulous efforts of JD Mack.

Topics: (links to video)

Ellie Luchinsky – Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Just Plain Weird
Anne Marie  – Not-A-Doctor: Annie Marie’s 20-minute Brain Cleanse
Bruce Press – 1952: The Alien Attack on Washington DC
Brian Gregory – Space Robots
Ben Trettel – How to be Skeptical of Computer Simulations
Justin H. Wilson – Real Fake-Particles: From Crystals to Quantum Computation to the Nature of the Universe
Khafre Zimmerman – Spreading the Gospel of Reality
Mitchell Lampert – A Pragmatic Challenge for Those Who Oppose Evolution
Scott Maddox – Pyramid Schemes & Denial River
Farhan Qureshi – Postmodernism and Modernism

When: 10am-6pm  on Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where: Prince George’s Room (1211), Stamp Student Union, University of Maryland College Park.